So what's this all about?

In an age where people are increasingly working remotely, it's our mission more than ever to help the remote worker remain productive and healthy. 

SIMPLE is a family run business led by founder, Andrew Paul, and headquartered in London, UK. The business is a one-stop shop solely focused on providing remote workers with the best office furniture and accessories to optimise productivity in any living space. 

SIMPLE was formed to help support remote workers by offering content and products that help the remote worker thrive in this environment.

Update: While some have been working remotely for a while, many can be disrupted by the change in work due to the 2020 pandemic. It's affected many through adjustment of - daily routine, new work space, exercise, diet, and use of new technologies. Our mission is therefore more important than ever.

Our values

We want to solve problems, not just sell products.

We are here to support remote workers first and foremost through our content and articles. After all, products only facilitate the solution.

Small businesses are our friends.

We partner with small businesses only based in UK, Europe, and US. Nobody likes the overwhelming feeling of a giant online marketplace with lots of products being presented to you. Support us to support innovative small businesses.

Excellent customer service is key.

We want our customer service to be the very best. If that isn't the case, let us know!

Productivity + Wellness = Happy Remote Worker


We believe that productivity is measured by the competency, timeliness, and accuracy in completing a task. Our products have been hand picked to meet the needs of remote workers so that they remain engaged and productive.


Technology can only facilitate the work, while wellness focuses on the things that influence health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. We offer remote workers appropriate products that aim to optimise on their wellness lifestyle.

Happy Remote Worker

Well, that's hopefully self explanatory!